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What are Do and Don’t in Ladakh

Ladakh, The land of high passes and barren landscape is one of the best to visit in the world. Ladakh is packed with extraordinary beauty, charm & adventure. Ladakh will never fails to surprise with its awe inspiring landscapes.

To make sure that you have smooth holidays, Things the following things in mind when planning a trip to Leh Ladakh

  • Take Disprin with you if you want to go to Khardung La, as it is very high altitude of 5359m.
  • Temperature in Ladakh is too low and if you will throw any biodegradable item, it will remain in the same state for long time, particularly in snow, people defecate and the shit remains in the same form for quite a long time, so please try the Ladakhi winter toilets.
  • Always carry drinking water and dry food.
  • Interact with local people. They love to interact and it will also change your outlook.
  • People there are very friendly and hospitable. Do not betray them and respect them.
  • Carry warm clothes
  • Make a first-aid box and carry proper medicines for headache, fever, and vomiting also in it (The Hotels & Camps we are using will be very much equipped with First Aid)
  • Again remember to not utilise plastic in Ladakh.
  • only postpaid mobile numbers works there.Airtel and  BSNL postpaid are recommended over other networks for roaming connectivity. Do inform your family that there will be no network in Ladakh and thus you will be unable to communicate properly for a few days.
  • Please Carry your photo id card as you required it for getting the inner line permit for restricted area
  • There is electricity problem in Leh, soso it is smarter to take additional batteries for advanced items like camera, mobiles telephones, and so on. Charge them Completely before leaving for the tour. You may not get electricity at some remote places and also because of the cold, the battery gets discharged soon.
  • If you reach Leh by air, stay that day and do not plan to go anywhere for that day, as you will need a minimum day to acclimatize yourself. Drink a lot of liquids (that does exclude liquor), don’t move much for the first or two days.
  • Request: Ladakh is a “no polythene” zone. Kindly respect this and please carry back all the plastic you take with you.
  • Help government and people to keep Ladakh clean.
  • Refill your water bottles instead of buying new ones. Mountain water is good. If you have doubt, boil it and refill. Ladakhi guesthouse owners feel happy on refilling water for their guests.
  • Please respect Ladakhi culture. Do not make fun of them. Do not try to influence them with your western outlook. They are happy the way they are, in their natural form of culture.
  • Wear nice clothes covering your body while on streets, particularly while visiting a Buddhist Gompa.
  • Encourage local business by eating local food, buying local items, and support local economy because modern things can be bought from anywhere in the world, but Ladakhi items you will only get in Ladakh.
  • People in Ladakh use to live interdependently and with multinational companies influencing them, they are being affected, so please support the local culture.
  • Use vehicles, which have good-ground clearance and are in good condition. SUVs like Innova, XUV 500, Xylo, Creta & Fortuner work best over there.
  • Do keep sunscreen lotion (at least SPF 30) and apply generously to protect your skin. You must be prepared for a great tan since you will be travelling under the scorching heat of the bright sun.


Acute mountain sickness

Note: Acute mountain sickness can occur to any one at an altitude above 10,000 ft. from the sea level. The most common symptoms of acute mountain sickness are headache disturb sleep loss of appetite, nausea, coughing, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lassitude and lack of concentration. Since Leh Town is situated at an altitude of 11,500 ft. above sea level. It is advisable to take the following precautions, so as to acclimatise your body properly.

  1. Take complete rest for the first 36 hours of your arrival at Leh. However, this period may vary with different people.
  2. Your body should get used to the lower oxygen levels.
  3. Incase you develop any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please consult a Doctor.
  4. Rescue and precaution for mountaineering and trekking in Ladakh

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